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Garlic New York Pizza Bar

It starts with genuine, hand-tossed dough made from 100% Italian semolina wheat with no additive or preservatives. Next, the sauce. Vine-ripened tomatoes are hand-crushed, simmered and enhanced with a generations-old family recipe. Then, we add 100% pure, fresh mozzarella cheese that comes from a small local dairy farm. Are you getting the picture… Now comes the cooking itself. We pride ourselves in making finger-licking authentic pizza, just as Grandma did for generations. And it’s what sets Garlic Pizzeria apart. We have developed a way for our customers to have the exact same experience with the same quality ingredients that Grandma incorporated into our families tantalizing memories. A FRESH SERVING OF AUTHENTICITY As many restaurants expand, they begin to find faster, easier and cheaper ways to produce menu items. Not Garlic. Today, we go to the same great lengths to ensure the freshest ingredients possible. Many items are imported directly from Italy: aged balsamic vinegar, Grana Padano cheese, Prosciutto di Parma, aged Chianti, 100% organic olive oil, select spices, and the list goes on. We are proud to make our own dough and you will never find canned sauces or frozen vegetable in our kitchen. We ensure our quality preserves Grandma’s recipes and meets our customers satisfaction.

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